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Installing YouTube Revanced Apk has become really simple, just click on the download link on this page and you will find this app on your smartphone very soon.
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September 23, 2022
Android 5.0+
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For your Android mobile phones, you are about to get the most recent version of YouTube ReVanced Apk. One of the greatest and most recent YouTube modifications is available for Android smartphones.

Although the official version is pretty excellent, a few features detract from the user experience. You can thus try Revanced App on your Android device as a substitute.

An incredible mod version of YouTube for Android smartphones is called YouTube Revanced Apk. You may now use a ton of YouTube’s paid features for free thanks to the app’s modified version. It is the newest and only version of advanced design just for Android mobile phones.

Due to Google updating the YouTube API, YouTube Vanced as well as the prior version of YouTube Revanced are no longer functional. You must thus give this new one a try. You may, however, also give some other similar applications, such as YouTube Pink and YouTube Azul, a try.

More About

Basically, what you’ll discover on this website is a fresh version of YouTube, but a little modified. To access all the features of this recently launched Android app, you can download the Apk file and install it on your phone. It offers consumers a number of remarkable advantages.

AMOLED dark mode is one of the features that are in demand. You can activate that mode and watch videos without risking your vision. You all need this crucial option in the app since it is a very necessary function to prevent eye fatigue.

Because of recent policy changes, YouTube users will now have to watch more video adverts. You can encounter 5 to 10 adverts on a single video. Even being unable to avoid the advertisements will be a dreadful experience for everyone.

You can disable or delete those advertisements with the use of the YouTube Advanced Mod Apk. As a result, you can view videos uninterrupted. You’ll appreciate installing YouTube Revised Apk on your Android smartphones or tablets.

Features of YouTube ReVanced Apk

All of the characteristics of YouTube Revanced Apk are present in this single article, despite the difficulty of summarizing them. But I’ve got a solution for you right here. Here, I’ll go over some of YouTube Revanced Mod Apk’s fundamental features. Below, I’ve attempted to describe each and every significant feature of the software.


The nicest thing about the app is that, although having certain paid features, you can still download and use it for nothing. since only premium, subscribers get access to the majority of these choices. However, the YouTube Advanced App gives all of them away for free.

Disable ads

It is providing you with an ad blocker so that you can stream videos uninterrupted. There are undoubtedly a lot of you who want the commercials on the official YouTube App to go. But only the modified version of YouTube gives you that choice.

AMOLED Dark Mode

The most recent innovation, or feature, is AMOLED, which enables you to get the highest refresh rate while using less battery. So, the YouTube Revised Mod Apk likewise offers such a choice to its lovely users.

Hide Autoplay Button

Now, the autoplay button can be hidden. You will then be able to disable the app’s Auto Repeat function. You can also choose to conceal the cast button, turn off full-screen panels, set your own playback speed, and many others.

Background Playback

Now, you can choose to use the minimized playback option whether listening to music, listening to audio, or even watching videos. Even you can modify or adjust the app’s default playback speed. You can now use the app’s background play feature.

Revanced Manager

You need a Revised Manager to unlock all of the functionality of the YouTube Revised Apk. You can easily access that option and activate all of the app modifications you choose to use. However, to do that, you need to have this customized app installed on your phone.


The app is completely safe to download and use on your Android smartphone. To enable the premium options, you only need to access the mod settings.

Simple UI

The UI of this updated YouTube Advanced App is straightforward and user-friendly. As a result, watching videos is simple and convenient.

Additional Features

  • HDR Playback mode is available.
  • You can choose to remove the movie shelf.
  • Your own videos’ comments should be deleted.
  • Turn off the shorts button in your app.
  • Hide the Infocard recommendations.
  • Additionally, it gives an outdated layout with high quality.
  • Remove all other advertising, including those for products and services.
  • It offers default video resolution and overriding screen resolution.
  • Disable the create button if you don’t want to generate videos.
  • Option for background music is also present in this app.
  • Bugs are fixed

How to Install YouTube Revanced Apk?

Now that you have downloaded the Apk from this page, you must install it. You don’t need to go through any difficult procedures because it is fairly straightforward.

Even though the Apk is only a little size, downloading it will take some time. As a result, you must wait till the process is finished.

You must touch on the exact APK file you got from this page when the downloading procedure is finished. Next, choose the installation option.

Launch the app right away and use it whenever you have some free time. The installation procedure ended there. But you must remember to give it the rights it requests.


The ideal moment for you to download the app is now if you haven’t already. Because I’ll provide you the most recent YouTube Revanced Apk for your Android smartphone. To get the package file and install it on your phone, follow the link present on the page.

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