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Download the latest version of YouTube Pink Apk from our website. It is the best alternative for the original version of YouTube.
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September 18, 2022
Android 5.0+
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The sole and identical subject is what YouTube offers its subscribers. Because of this, it is somewhat monotonous for the consumers. As a result, we have provided our readers with an app called YouTube Pink Apk for Android smartphones.

One of the top video streaming services, it offers approximately a million pieces of material there. It contains videos, including movies, channels, series, others, etc. So, download the app file to your phone and install it.

It is a superior platform for information, entertainment, and gaming streaming. You will receive the app’s modified version, which comes with more features in addition to its original ones. All those extra features will be covered in this post.

What is YouTube Pink Apk?

The main YouTube app has been changed, and the YouTube Pink Apk offers several altered features. As the name suggests, it offers a pink-themed background and typography. You may use this YouTube mod to utilize it without any limitations.

As a result, there are several other possibilities in the same hue. In essence, the original software only offers one theme, which is red. Additionally, you may download and use it on your phone for free.

Seeing the same repetitive theme on every program is extremely dull. Because of this, many choose modified programs that provide a wide range of themes.

So, you’re getting rid of your application’s outmoded and outdated UI. However, in order to do that, you must install the package file that we have already provided for you on this page.

You can make use of a lot more capabilities in the app than there are in the official one. While there are other options available inside that function, it is presenting you with the opportunity to stream videos in the background.

You can continue to use that option while wearing headphones. However, you may choose that inside the same settings if you leave that on without headphones. Even its dark mode, which I adore the most, is the nicest aspect of the program.

This enables you to take in the videos while preserving your vision. Therefore, if you watch music video files at night, you must utilize dark mode. You may view and enjoy countless music videos in your free time.

Additional Information

The best part for you is that, in addition to the modified choices, you can access all of the original app’s options. You may manage your own channels using the same application as well. There is a playlist option if you want to compile a list of music videos.

You may upload from the gallery or go live on your channel. Additionally, you may utilize YouTube Studio to edit other elements of your clip. It is a third-party app that has been improperly altered.

Because of this, using it on your phone is prohibited. However, no one will file a lawsuit or initiate legal proceedings against you. Because any legal issues are solely the responsibility of the application’s creator.

How to Use the Mod Version?

The fact that this is a customized version of the app has been made quite obvious. As a result, when installing the most recent version of YouTube Pink Apk on your phone, there are a few things to keep in mind. Because you’re going to install illicit software on your Android smartphones.

Get the app file from this site and install it on your phone as a starting point. The official YouTube, though, is something you can keep on your phone. Because the Mod also functions with that one, there is no need to remove that one.

However, since Sign-In is an unauthorized third-party program, I do not advise you to add it to your accounts. As a result, you should not put your login information on it. especially if it is registered with a better-performing channel of yours.

How to Download YouTube Pink Apk?

The Play Store does not permit the sharing of this restricted and illicit software. Consequently, you won’t find this app in the official Go. Therefore, you must give it a try if you want to enjoy YouTube Pink videos on your phone without commercials.

But because we have the Apk file here, you need not worry about it. In order to start the procedure, click on the direct download link provided at the end and wait a few seconds. It is Pink YouTube, which is the modified version, not the official YouTube.

The most recent version of the program may be downloaded directly from this website. There are no such fees that you need to pay, and everything is free. Although most of these types of applications are charged, there are certain premium YouTube videos that you can see for free.

Features of YouTube Pink Apk

In this area of the review, allow me to guide you through some of YouTube Pink Apk’s greatest features. I’m confident that many of you are familiar with them. You are here for that reason, after all. However, some of you might simply be familiar with the name and a handful of its characteristics. So, have a look at Pink YouTube’s features below.

  • You may use this app for free to view movies and unwind.
  • You may watch a large number of YouTube videos.
  • On YouTube Pink, you can watch a huge selection of music videos.
  • Additionally, you can also download videos with the help of this app.
  • There is no charge for any of YouTube’s premium services.
  • There are no video adverts to spoil your enjoyment.
  • Compared to the original YouTube App, it is far superior.
  • Play the greatest music videos repeatedly.
  • Play videos even in the background.
  • Additionally, it provides an ad-free dark mode.
  • The greatest alternative to use is pink YouTube.
  • The brightness of the screen may be adjusted.
  • The color scheme is available in pink.

Is YouTube Pink Safe Download and Use?

Yes, downloading and using it on your phone are both completely secure. Despite being a modified version of the official video streaming app, it is a third-party program. However, it is still secure and there is no such problem. So you may experience the app’s fantastic features, just download it to your phone.

Is it Free?

The greatest and most freely available modification of the program is this one. as the videos may be played even without advertising. As a result, it provides users with a built-in ad blocker. You no longer need to download a YouTube adblocker for your mobile devices. Considering that the app will provide you the choice.


You can view all of your favorite videos on your smartphone from a wide variety of sources. However, the most recent version of YouTube Pink Apk gives you access to a free website with millions of videos.

All of the material that was offered on the original platform is available there. Therefore, download the Apk right away and install it on your phone.

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