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With the aid of Whozi, view secret Instagram stories from other users. There are also a ton of additional options available to consumers. From the URL provided below, you can get the Apk.

I’ll give a thorough analysis of the app. So that you may decide if it is beneficial to you or not. You will ultimately have access to the package file as well.

What is Whozi?

Whozi is an application where you may discover a variety of Instagram tools. You can view all the information and interactions on your Instagram account. You may also see who unfollowed you, who viewed your profile, and who has been inactive for a while.

Only expensive tools give these types of functions, but our program provides them without any additional cost. You are not required to pay anything for it. You are expected to pay higher prices and receive higher-quality services while using premium tools. However, this app’s features are also excellent.

You can therefore obtain accurate findings. The ability to see the stories is another feature you may want to have in such an app. The standard program also lets you do that, but this one lets you do it in secret mode. As a result, you can’t let the other users know that you’ve read their tale.

You must enable that function if you wish to get notifications when users stop following you. When someone removes you from their list of followers, that will let you know. Also available to you is a list of persons who have not followed you back.

More About App

You need to download the Whozi Apk File to your smartphone in order to comprehend or explore additional program features or settings. For its functionality to function, you must connect in with your Instagram account. To view or examine your profile, use the Story View Package.

You may utilize this incredible software with the most well-known social networking site. Check out profile viewers, user tales, and many other things using it. Therefore, there are a lot of factors that enable you to fully control your Instagram account.

Additionally, it aids in the growth of your fan base by revealing the preferences of your audience. It’s a very great software that offers a robust platform where you can discover a variety of features. But you need to get the newest version.

Discovering profile viewers is simple. As a result, you will be able to identify the users who frequently visit your account and read your articles or updates. One of the most popular features is the opportunity to view profiles. For users, it provides some of the top services.

Major Highlights

Before you download the Whozi App on your phone, it’s crucial to understand what it is. In this way, you will be able to determine if you are installing the correct tool or not. Read the points below if you want to become familiar with the features before installing it on your phone.

The program to track your Instagram interactions is free.
Find out who followed you, unfollowed you, and who likes your postings.
Look at the list of followers who have not returned the favor.
Discover who is most engaged with your content.
The majority of the choices are simple to utilize.
Gain complete control over your audience.
To get and keep an eye on updates to your profile, enable notifications.
Get notified if a follower decides to stop following you.
Interface that is easy to use.
Useful and secure to download.
There are no outside advertisements.
Installing it from the Play Store is not necessary.

Its functionalities are free for all users.
Access all of your admirers’ tales in private.
It may be used to learn details about your pals.
It gives you access to all the analytics.
Boost the number of your Instagram followers.
Receive free VIP tools.
It is simple to use.

How to Download Whozi Apk File on Android?

Utilizing these applications is not a tough process. All you have to do to install the Apk file on your Android device is download it from this page. The most recent update’s URL may be found at the bottom of this page. Simply touch or click the link to get the package file.

You must copy-paste the file and touch on it if you have downloaded the program to any other device. Next, choose the installation option. If you downloaded the file to the same device, you must tap the file to begin the installation process. But remember to turn on the option for untrusted sources.

You must run that app on your phone after the download and installation steps are finished. You will now be prompted to provide a few crucial permissions. The option to log in will then appear. Therefore, sign in using your Instagram accounts to see the outcomes.

Similar to many other similar programs, there are no numerous Apk files. Not even a Google Play Account is required for that. Simply download the Apk from this URL and install it on your Android device using the methods I described above.

Can I use it as a Profile viewers checker?

Yes, the main purpose of it is to provide certain analytics with you and keep track of who visits your profile. Simply choose the Profile viewer option to view the users who have visited your account or are still there and stealing a peek at your postings.

Is it safe to Connect with our Instagram Accounts?

It is difficult to categorize as safe or dangerous. Considering that this is a third-party tool that is not even approved. You must thus utilize it wisely. I’d prefer to advise against using these types of products.

Can we Get the App in the Google Play Store?

It is a third-party application, and the only places where you can get it are unofficial ones. Therefore, I must advise you to give it a try or download the package file directly from our website, which is providing it at no cost. Even greater downloading speeds are possible.


I am aware that many of you are curious about your Instagram profile, including who unfollowed you, who did not follow you back, and other information. Thus, Whozi Apk is the one-stop shop for all of your issues.

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