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Touch VPN is the best VPN to provide that will give access to all the geo-restricted sites. In addition it provides securety and increases the speed of your internet connetion.
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Touch VPN
November 17, 2021
Android 5.0 and up
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We are living in an era where everything has connected to the internet. Without the aid of the internet, our lives become too hard. This technology has made easy access to unlimited information. Just pick up your smartphone and go a search, you can find tons of websites and videos to help you out. But nothing in this world is completely safe and secure, the internet is also a hub of hackers and cheaters. They always look for stealing your data and personal information. To protect yourself from such individuals, you can use a VPN. Touch VPN is one of the best tools that provide you safety and safety while serving on the internet. Use this amazing application and protect your information and privacy.

There are tons of alternatives to Touch VPN available on the internet. But this application is unique because it offers high-quality features that are not applicable to other apps. Touch VPN’s old version was not accessible to the users, because the officials of this tool have updated their app and have brought new versions. But the public still needs the prior version of Touch VPN. And the old version of Touch VPN is now available on our site, you download it right away.

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More About Touch VPN Old Version

If you are familiar with VPNs or you have used these tools once in your life, then you should know what they offer. The basic purpose of this tool is to guard you against threats. Likewise, this application does the same job. In addition, it offers a couple of more features. Suppose you want to access a website and that site is restricted in your region. In that case, Touch VPN can remove the barrier of restriction and you can access that website. There are dozens of sites that don’t run in several countries, which is why you should use this app to get full access to those sites.

Furthermore, we use public hotspots to access the internet. Using public wifi or a hotspot could be dangerous. The public wife doesn’t have a secure connection, which is why you can lose your data while using the internet. At such times you should use Touch VPN to protect your data from stealing. It converts unsafe connections into protective and more secure connections. You use the internet in the public with safety and security by installing this application.

Nowadays, several countries have put restrictions on social media sites, for example, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Touch VPN will give you complete access to use these sites. It unblocks the blocked sites from the internet. You can access multiple blocked sites with this tool. So, if you need a VPN, this app is best for you, install it now or you can skip and search for other VPNs on Google Play Store.

Features of Touch VPN Old Version

  • It has free access to blocked sites that are not accessible in your country
  • Free to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Converts unsafe connections into secure connections
  • It has complete access to Geo-restricted websites
  • Offers multiple servers to connect your device with
  • Easy to access
  • It requires a single touch to connect with the servers.


Do you need additional protection for your devices? Do you want access to restricted sites in your country? If yes, then install the Touch VPN App now. This single app will unblock the ban sites in a single touch. It provides additional security to your data and increases the speed of the internet. So, protect your identity and data by utilizing this simple application.


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