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Tag after school APK is a mobile game with interesting features. Here you will find adult and explicit content, only install it if you an adult.
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Genius Studio Japan lnc.
December 01, 2022
Android 5.0 and up
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For any type of individual, whether they are in the after-school period of life, have already experienced it, or are about to, playing an after-school game would be a great gaming experience. We all experience this period, and it is one of the most challenging and unstable in terms of mental health. When we enter environments after school, we experience a variety of fears. When we consider the circumstances we will face and the social circles we will need to interact with, we experience fear, and our confidence wanes.

Today, we’ve presented you with an application that mimics after-school activities and functions according to the player you select.

A game called Tag after school APK is based on the life of Shota Kun. As you choose the game and Shota Kun will have certain kinds of conditions, you simulate the game and the life of the player. What happens in the game and with Shota Kun depends on your choices. The player fears life after school and worries about how she will fit in with her new social circles and get her life, or rather her personal life, back on track in a new setting and with new acquaintances.

More About Tag After School APK

An application called the Tag after school APK is based on the after-school activities of the Shota Kun. This significant period in Kun’s life is shown in the game. Your choices will either make the player’s life safer or even more chaotic. Kun is extremely anxious about starting a new life; he or she worries about how they will manage it, meet new people, maintain a steady attitude toward various issues, and have a lot of other concerns to deal with.

Kun can advance thanks to the incisive activities that the game’s participants will perform. The setting of the game is a high school in Japan. You, the player, must make things right by interacting with various people, the administration of the school, and various characters.

The characters, animations, and graphics have been meticulously detailed and engineered by the game designers to give the impression of being played in the real world. Because it may contain adult content, we do not advise young students or gamers to play simple-to-control games.

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Features of Tag After School APK

Adult contents

This game contains adult content which is why it is not allowed for kids and users below 18. If you are an adult, this will suit you.

Multiple enemies

It has multiple terrifying and dangerous enemies which you have to face.


You can easily interact with a fellow players and win the game. Make a group and try to do what is required to be done for Kun.


This game is too addictive and engaging, once you enter the perimeters, you can get addicted to it. It will make you engage and manage your free time.

User friendly

The User interface is friendly, even new players can manage the game well.


To sum it up, we must state that the game replicates genuine after-school issues as well as solutions. As a result, the game has real-world applicability. Go get your Tag after school APK and use your game to help Kun escape the bottomless pit of anxiety.

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