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An ML tool called Pusang Apo Injector can inject all of the purchased skins for nothing. In essence, it's a free cheating program that exploits its in-game cheats to unlock all of the heroes' outfits.
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PusangApo Injector
June 29, 2022
Android 5.0+
8 MB

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For our fans who have been waiting for a new ML Skin Injector, we are returning with a great surprise. For MOBA enthusiasts who wish to unlock their favorite skins and Heroes, here is the Pusang Apo Injector Apk. You can use this tool because it is free and completely functional.

We always keep searching for skin injectors for ML that are compatible with the most recent Mobile Legends version. Pusang Apo Injector is a gadget of this nature, granting you immediate access to all the characters and their most well-known avatars.

The Philippines, Indonesia, and a few other South Asian countries are using this app for a very long time. It is a tool that may be used everywhere and is, nonetheless, ubiquitous. Therefore, for your MLBB game, click on the link to download the most recent version of Pusang Apo Injector Apk.

 What is Pusang Apo Injector?

An ML tool called Pusang Apo Injector can inject all the premium skins for free, but if you don’t use this tool, you should get ready to buy them. In essence, it’s a free cheating tool that exploits its in-game cheats to unlock all of the heroes’ outfits.

There are several characters, and each one has a unique avatar and attire. Therefore, you can unlock them for free with this app. Those items are not available for free in the original game, which is why the user has to unlock those items by using external tools.

You can get those avatars if you have the money to purchase diamonds. But if you don’t, Pusang apo Injector is the only tool available right now that does this job for free. All of the costumes must be purchased in the game using diamonds. So if you are not willing to use this injector, then you must use cash to purchase additional diamonds if you want to use the costumes.

The majority of these applications are no longer functional and are out of date. If you don’t have any money to invest in the game, I advise you to get Pusang Apo Injector v5 and take advantage of its wonderful services. It is the only injector available that is trusted and it will satisfy you.

More about

By showcasing the game heroes and premium features to your audience, you will motivate them. Especially those who have a large fan base and are broadcasting Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Even so, it aids in boosting your following count within a few days or weeks. Additionally, you can provide your followers with some incredible skins for free and assist them in getting their preferred skins.

But it’s an unofficial application created by a fan who works independently. It is illegal because of this, and using some of these tools can be highly harmful to consumers. So I would advise you to read the precautions given in the app before using it.

Your IMEI numbers or devices can be banned by the official game. Additionally, your account can be suspended. However, developers claim that it is Anti-Ban, so I’m not sure how much of that is accurate. But most of the users say that this tool is absolutely safe and secure to use.

Features of Pusang Apo Injector Apk

This incredible gadget, called Pusang Apo Injector, will provide you with outstanding benefits. But first, if you don’t believe me, you’ll have to install it and try it out yourself.

If you have a few minutes, you should have a look at these highlights, which I’ve provided for you below.

  • It provides combat abilities including Spawn, Elimination, and Recall.
  • You can add any hero, along with their skins, to your gaming profiles.
  • It includes several themes, including Breath of Spring, Celestial Palace, and others.
  • Simple and convenient to use.
  • The cheat or outfits are broken down over a brief period of time.
  • The fans get access to every character.
  • Its UI is straightforward and user-friendly.
  • There are no closed or unavailable options.

How to Install Pusang Apo Injector Apk?

I am aware that many of you were eagerly waiting for the launch of the Pusang Apo Injector V5 application. Finally, it is accessible for download through the direct link provided at the top corner of this page.

Click the download button at the top of this article to get started. It will begin the downloading process in a little while.

Pusang Apo Injector Apk Password

You need to input this password into the app. Therefore, you must capitalize the first letter. The password is available below and can be copied and pasted.

  • Password: Pusav9

What’s New?

The most recent version of the app includes brand-new cheats. In the earlier version of the tool, certain tricks were not accessible. In addition, the app itself has access to all of the newest skins. Now that the app has been updated, you can use the new features.

The app’s UI and password have both been modified. Consequently, it is simple to recognize Pusang Apo Injector V9 as the official version. The latest cheats have the below updated.

  • Background
  • Battle Effect
  • New Skins.


I hope you attentively read the post and are now completely aware of both the advantages and disadvantages. You can do so from this website if you’re still ready to get the app onto your phone.

To install the most recent version of Pusang Apo Injector for your Android mobile phone, click the download button located on the top right corner of the page.

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