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Download the latest version of FM Whatsapp Apk for Android smartphones. It is more secure and contains lots of interesting features.
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September 15, 2022
Android 5.0+
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One of the modified versions of the WhatsApp application which is also quite popular today is FM Whatsapp Apk. The application is the target of Whatsapp users because it has many additional features it which can certainly make it easier for you to communicate.

As we know, WhatsApp itself is a chat application that offers various conveniences in communication. By using this application we can chat as well as make calls and even video calls.

What’s more for this FM Whatsapp Apk, the modified version of the chat application was deliberately created by a third party which is another version of WhatsApp itself. Even though the function of this application is the same as the original version, if we look at it in terms of features or appearance, it is very different.

More About FM WhatsApp apk

Well, here we will share a complete review of this FM Whatsapp application, therefore for those of you who are looking for information and also a download link from this application? then see the full review below.

FM Whatsapp or often referred to as FM WA is a modified version of the chat application from WhatsApp, this application of course is not an official one from the WhatsApp developer itself. But it is made by third-party developers who are deliberately made to provide different colors and also pamper users.

Indeed, when we use the FM Whatsapp application, we see a lot of differences from the original version, especially when viewed in terms of features. There are lots of additional features that have been embedded by the developer to pamper its users.

And one of the excellent features of the application is that users can create a story with a much longer duration than the original version. Not only that, but users can also send many files in large sizes though.

And also there are many other features that are in the application, therefore for those who don’t know? continue to follow this review from us to the end.

FM Whatsapp Apk Featured Features

I have listed below the unique and thrilling features of the FM WhatsApp apk. Check them out, I am sure you will download the app after reading these characteristics.

Send Large Files

Besides being able to create long stories, this application is also equipped with features that can send files with large capacities, so you don’t need to use email or anything else to send any files.

Making Long Stories

The first feature that FM Whatsapp has is that it can create long stories, with a duration of approximately 60 seconds. So that you will be more flexible in making stories or even uploading videos to make the story. Usually, the duration is only 30 seconds, now with this application, you can make it up to one minute or 60 seconds.

Hide Online Status

You can also activate the feature to hide your online status, so other users can’t tell whether you’re online or not. This feature is very useful for those of you who are spying on your partner so they don’t cheat.

Hide Typing Status

As we know when using the WhatsApp application and when replying to a message there will be a description even if you are typing. Now by using this FM WhatsApp apk application then you can hide the typing status so that other users don’t know if you will reply to the message.

Hide Blue Tick

The feature if the WhatsApp message has been read is that there are two blue ticks under the message, but if the user is using this version then the two blue tick symbols can be hidden so that the sender doesn’t know whether the message has been read or not.

Download Story

Another excellent feature that users are also very interested in is story downloads. This feature allows you to download other user stories without having to use third-party applications again. Because there is already a feature for the download.

Restore Messages on Delete

When you are chatting and it turns out that the message sent has been deleted by the sender even though we have not had time to read it. Of course, it has often been experienced by users, but now reportedly this application has a feature that can restore the deleted message. This means that even though the message has been deleted, it can be returned.

Multiple Themes

The choice of themes offered by the FM Whatsapp mod apk is also very large, so you can mutually change themes at will so you don’t get bored when using this chat application.

Multiple Emojis and Fonts

In addition to themes, the FM WhatsApp apk is also equipped with a lot of emojis and fonts. Therefore, you will not be bored when chatting with this feature.

Pros and Cons of FM Whatsapp Apk

There are many advantages that this FM WhatsApp apk has, but it also has many shortcomings. For those who want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages it has? you see below.

Pros of Whatsapp FM

  • With this app, you can download other people’s statuses.
  • You can make one-minute status.
  • Send files (photos, videos, etc.) in large sizes.
  • Use two Whatsapp applications at once.
  • Can restore deleted messages.
  • And many more.

 Cons of FM Whatsapp

  • The download link is not from Playstore.
  • Not a legal/official application.
  • The security system is not guaranteed.
  • Easy to get banned.


That was the discussion that we could give about FM Whatsapp Apk. So, you can think for yourself whether to use it or not. Because above we have peeled thoroughly the advantages and disadvantages of the application. Thank you.


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