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If you are looking for an which will give you free streaming and movie watching services, then you should install Dark Box TV APk. It has become the best app for watching movies online for free.
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Dark Box TV
December 06, 2022
Android 5.0 +
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Dark Box TV APK is an app built for the purpose of streaming movies and tv shows. If you are one of those individuals who love to spend their time watching movies and TV shows, then you should install this latest app.

Installing this app will benefit you in several ways. First of all, it is a free app, so you would never pay for subscriptions. You just need to install the app and start streaming. All it needs is a good connection and an Android smartphone because it only works on the Android operating system. This is literally a milestone for the users of Androids, now they can watch their favorite shows and movies for free.

Dark Box TV APK can also work as a replacement or alternative to Netflix. If you want to quit Netflix, you can do it by installing this fantastic app. Netflix, as we all know, is a place where you can watch a bunch of movies and series, but it costs too much. It is efficient for watching movies but you have to pay to play. Unlike Netflix this app is free, so you could use this one instead. The difference is that the Dark Box Tv app is not a legal app. It is a third-party app and is not authorized by authorities for movies and tv shows, but you can still use it to watch movies and shows.

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More About Dark Box TV Apk

If I was in your place, I would choose the Dark Box Tv app. Because it is cost-free and provides dozens of other features. We will discuss the complete list of features in the coming paragraphs. So don’t stop reading this article. You have come here for a free app and if you don’t learn everything about this app, it would be hard to download. The process of installation is also discussed in this article, so continue reading.

Apart from being free, this app is also in demand for providing quality content. Today everyone wants quality online. If an app cannot provide you with what you want, then it would be better not to download it. But this app is full of newly released tv shows and movies, once you start watching, you will not leave this app easily. It provides all the new and old movies with TV shows that have ever been produced. It is a store of movies and shows, give it a try and experience watching movies of all times.

In addition, Dark Box TV Apk needs Android version 5 or above. It runs smoothly on those smartphones which have Android Version 5. You should first check the version of your smartphone before installing this app. It might not run on your device. In any case, if this app won’t work for you, there is a comment section at the end of this post, you can contact us if you find any issues regarding the app. But I have used it by myself and it works perfectly.

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Dark Box TV APK

Features of Dark Box TV Apk

Now it is time for the features to discuss. I have listed some of the best features down below. You should them one by one and analyze the abilities of the app.

  • It is free to use and free to download the app.
  • The best alternative to Netflix and other premium platforms.
  • Works only on Android-based operating systems.
  • IOS users can’t install or use this app.
  • Contains thousands of movies and tv shows that are waiting for your to watch.
  • contains HD quality display, you change the display quality according to your internet connection
  • Free of bugs and errors.
  • The friendly user interface will guide you to use the app.
  • It is a third-party app which is why it is not available on Google Play Store.


Installation process

As I have written above that we will be discussing the installation process, so here is the procedure for the installation.

To install the app, first, you have to tap on the download button. The step will begin with the download. Due to the small size, it will take a few minutes to complete the download.

When the Apk file is completely downloaded, move to the settings of your smartphone. It is a third-party app, which is why it needs permission from your smartphone to get installed. You can get permission from the settings of your smartphone. Go to the settings and enable to option of Unknown sources.

After enabling that option, just go back and tap on the downloaded Apk field. This step will start the installation and the app will be installed on your device very soon. This is how you can download and install the app, now open it and start streaming.


In the end, I would recommend this app for you to use. It will give you the same experience as Netflix does. The difference is that it is free to use and Netflix is paid. I hope you have understood this app completely, check out the app now by tapping on the download button. And let us know in the comment box below if you liked or disliked this app.

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